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Windows 8 Any Takers?
Thought I'd try to start something ... So... Anybody (else) out there using Windows 8?

Computer keeps restarting on shutdown
I just built my first computer. It keeps restarting when I go to shut it down via windows, the actual shutdown button, and even if I select to put it to sleep it wakes back up right away. I updated the bios, reset the cmos, checked to make sure that it should actually shutdown when I select shutdown in the settings, check to make sure I didn't have my reset and shutdown wires backwards in the motherboard. I'm kind of out of ideas on what to do. I'm not getting any errors and other than it restarting when I want to shut it down or sleep it works fine.

System is:
Amd fx6100
gigabye 970a-d3
g.skilll 12mb ram
galaxy gefore 430gt
585w x-power psu
windows 7 home premium

Sounds too good to be true.... Video
Has anyone seen this video, and honest opinions about it out there yet?



P.S. I signed up as an affiliate to see if it mentioned any OTO's and there are a few, the 2 biggies are $297 and $197. And this guy states that he doesn't really want or need our money in the sales pitch. He just wants the $49 frontend fee to keep his servers running. Then what's up with the OTO's.

Here the link: [url=]mobilemoneymachines[/url]
I'm sure you will enjoy the video [img][/img]

Firmware Development Tips
In computers, firmware is a term often used to denote the fixed, usually rather small, programs and/or data structures that internally control various electronic devices. Typical examples of devices containing firmware range from end-user products like remotes, computer parts, memory cards, etc. Firmware is also a relative term, as most embedded devices contain firmware at more than one level.

Firmware is found on motherboards and in myriad electronic modules, both portable and stationary, wherever software is designed to be permanent and not routinely updated. Firmware is the way software is stored in handhelds and other devices that do not have hard disks. It is much more compact, rugged and economical than a disk drive. Common reasons for updating firmware include fixing bugs or adding features to the device. Doing so usually involves loading a binary image file provided by the manufacturer into the device, according to a specific procedure; this is sometimes intended to be done by the end user. With the fast changing environment in software and networking, it is of utmost importance to constantly indulge in [b][url=""]Firmware Development Process[/url][/b] . This is necessary to level your software with the market needs. The engineers who work on embedded systems development should have abundant experience in both hardware and software systems. A single error may cause huge amount of expenses for the recall and replacement of the faulty products on the part of the manufacturing company. Therefore, the task of choosing an embedded firmware development process must be done with proper care and intelligence.

[request] Longhorn 4074 Driver Kit + SDK
Please if someone has Longhorn 4074 Driver Kit and SDK to post a link for them, because I search for them over a month and I still cannot find anything except torrent Longhorn.4074.tar on piratebay, but is dead.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Okay - Finally! I'm almost positive that this will be my next phone:


I've been waiting and waiting for a dual-core LTE phone. I was planning to get the Droid Bionic, but when I heard that an even better Nexus phone with Android 4.0 was coming soon, I decided to resist the urge to buy the Bionic.

The Galaxy Nexus has even more advantages besides that. It has a 4.6" screen at 720x1280 (316ppi). It supports NFC (just think how cool you'll look when you wave your phone to make a purchase). It even has a barometer! I mean, really, how did we ever get by without barometers in our phones? :o

The phone should be out in November. More details about it are available here:

[Iphone] Cant update to IOS 5
I tried to update my iPhone 4 to ios 5 and i got an error saying iphone could not be restored not eligible for build I was wondering if anyone else ran into this same error?

[MULTI] Hitman: Absolution
I've seen some Hitman fans complaining about some of the changes they're making in this game. For instance, the map screen has been replaced with "instinct mode". They've got a different voice actor for Agent 47. Jesper Kyd is no longer composing the music (he does the music for Assassin's Creed now)....



But shit... That gameplay trailer was awesome! And I think the new music fits the game just fine.

Oh! Look what was released today:


I just started the download... And the damn thing is 21GB! :o

[MULTI] Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition
I get the Steam game release news feed in Google Reader. Most of the time the releases are stuff that I don't really care about, so I just sort of mindlessly scroll through it. But once in a while some new game release catches my eye. About two months ago, I scrolled through [url=]this news post[/url] about an alternate costume pack for a Street Fighter game. Now in my mind, fighting games are all for consoles, so the title saying "Street Fighter" didn't register with me. But glancing at the screenshots, I thought: "Chun-Li... On the PC??"

Apparently a PC version of [url=]Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition[/url] was released in early July. In fact, a PC version of the original Street Fighter IV had been released back in 2009. This interested me, because fighting games are something I haven't been in to in a long time. The last fighting games that I spent any time with were Super Street Fighter II Turbo and Samurai Shodown, from back in the SNES era.

After conducting some research on YouTube, I made the purchase. And now, about two months later, Steam shows that I've spent 35 hours in the game. I guess that qualifies it as an enjoyable game! :blink:

But unlike my usual games, I don't spend about two or three days glued to the screen, beat the game, and that's that. Some days I play this for an hour or so, and some days I don't. This is a game that you can just sit down and play for a while whenever you feel like it.

The game's default keyboard controls are a joke. Fighting games, as always, don't play well with the keyboard/mouse. I bought a [url=]Logitech Wireless Gamepad F710[/url], and its controls are great. But the wireless reception is not the best. I'm thinking of getting the wired version of that controller.

Anyways, the game looks great at 1920x1200, plays well, and is a lot of fun. The sound and music are really good - but one minor complaint is how the dynamic music sometimes jumps around during a fight. The story... Well, remember that this is a fighting game, so the story is not important. But it does have one! Sort of... I think the game makes up for that with its humor and imagination.

I never would have pictured myself buying a game like this and enjoying it. I'm almost embarrassed to say that I ended up buying the costume pack add-on also! :lol:

Here's some various gameplay videos from YouTube, to give an idea of how it plays:

[youtube]F25gjaYhmGE[/youtube] [youtube]5jKzf_AdekA[/youtube]
[youtube]wLnSv7UJWAg[/youtube] [youtube]Yhl9usY7O8E[/youtube]

35 hours well spent, that's for sure! :lol:

And more to come.... :mellow:

Bootable Spybot - Search & Destroy©® CDs
Have any of you actually ordered this? I just placed an order last night. It is supposed to be good. Ill let everyone know and upload it later maybe. I cant find a review for this anywhere on the internet.

You can now order our new bootable CD with Spybot-S&D. With the bootable CD you can

Remove malware that cannot be cleaned from within a running system
Boot from the CD to start a clean Windows 7® (limited to the use of Spybot-S&D tools)
Update to our latest malware signatures via Internet or memory drives before starting a scan, even though you are booting from a read-only media
Use Spybot-S&D on computers without prior installation
The bootable CD comes with a printed quickstart guide and is very easy to use: Just insert the CD into the drive of your computer, adjust the boot sequence if needed and it will boot from the CD. Spybot-S&D will update itself and then offer to scan your computer for malware and Trojan horses.

The CD contains a stand-alone Microsoft® Windows 7® based system and can be used to clean privately used computers of spyware and other malware regardless which Windows® version is running on the PC. This way it is possible that even Microsoft® Windows® installations that cannot be repaired from within the running system might still be saved.

Minimum Hardware Requirements [link]
You do not need the latest hardware to use our CD as its minimum hardware requirements are quite low:

1 GHz processor
512 MB RAM
CD drive or other optical drive (DVD, BluRay, ...)
Internet access (for downloading the current Spybot-S&D updates)
Prices and Ordering [link]
Please order your CD via our order form. You will then receive an email with an invoice within the next 24 hours on business days. You may pay using PayPal or a credit card.

The price per CD is EUR 29,90 for orders from within Europe and USD 39,90 for orders from all other countries. Shipping and VAT are included!

Please note: the CDs that can be ordered from this web site are for privately used PCs only. Companies or institutions need an according license that can be ordered on[img][/img]

Windows 8
Well I just watched through most of Microsoft's BUILD keynote about Windows 8:

A while back I [url=]complained[/url] about using the Metro interface on a PC. Although I'm still not a huge fan of Metro, I see how it would be a useful interface on handheld and touchscreen devices. The classic interface will still be there, and it has many improvements itself. What I LOVE is that it looks like the OS will be pretty much the same on PC and handheld devices. You can switch right to the classic interface and classic applications on handheld devices. Now if Windows 8 on phones is basically the same as Windows 8 on tablets and PCs..... I might be easing away from Android (or making the switch on day 1).

Oh, and the ISO files for the developer preview release of Windows 8 are available [url=]right here[/url] for anyone to download. They sure do handle Windows betas differently from the good ol' days, don't they? :huh:

Click this link, and choose "Download Demo":

That is all. :mellow: vs
Hello..! Long time no hear/see iex! I know the faithful here will be proud to know that when I had this question, this was the first place I thought of... :D

Quite simple, I would like to add google account intergration into my site, just as it is on users the ability to sign into my site with their google accounts, see the same options that they see on, the black bar at the top, the ability to change backgrounds, etc...It seems simple enough...Maybe I could even keep with the theme of same but interesting and add those features in a different way...

My page, of course, is still

Any thoughts or suggestions..?

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