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This is a list of the current top PC hardware. Each category can have more than one product listed in alphabetical order. Please try to write an article about your hardware (description) - what it can do, why it is "the best" and so on (some kind of test/experience report - only few hardware is perfect, so negative sides should be mentioned too and if it's only the price) - just listing names won't do us any good.


Best High-end Video Cards

Best Midrange Video Cards

Best Budget Video Cards

Best AMD Mobos

Best Intel Mobos

Best Hard Drives

  • Hitachi 7K500 Deskstar
  • Maxtor DiamondMax 10
  • Western Digital 740GD Raptor

Best DVD Burners

  • Plextor PX-716SA
  • LG GSA-4163B

Best Monitors

  • (List hardware here)

Best Soundcards

  • Sound Blaster Audgiy 2 ZS
  • Sound Blaster Audigy 4
  • Sound Blaster X-Fi

Best Speakers

  • Logitech Z-5500

Best USB Flash Drives

  • Corsair Flash Voyager
  • Transcend JetFlash 110
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