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NOTICE: This time around we've started fresh and reset the page content due to Vista having reached a new level of maturity with its Release Candidate 2 status.

This entry shall enable all ieXwiki members to create a list of hardware that will work with Vista RC2 (Build 5744), or won't work, so that it's possible to check that even before installation.

For our previous results, check out the Beta 1 listing or the Build 5219 listing or the Build 5270 listing or the Build 5308 listing or the Build 5342 listing or the Build 5365 listing or the Build 5381 listing or the Beta 2 (Build 5384) listing or the Build 5456 listing or the Build 5472 listing or the Build 5536 listing or the RC1 (Build 5600 listing or the Build 5728 listing.

However, for our software compatiblity results, please see this alternative listing.


  • Please mention if it applies to the 32-Bit or the 64-Bit Build!
  • Please remove the italic font from entries if it is still working with this build!
  • Please post in the right section. Don't just add a "is working this very way" to the not-working list but rather move it to the right section and then add your notes.
  • Please post the Windows Experience Index shown in Performance Information and Tools for qualified Components.

WINDOWS UPDATE REGISTRY HACK: Hardware drivers can be updated and installed from Windows Update, but many of them are hidden. By using the next registry hack, you can gain availability to hidden device drivers for many device (including Windows Mobile Device Center): In Regedit, add the key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WHOS" and recheck for updates in Windows Update. You will now see the hidden driver updates, however, note that these are BETA drivers and are not supported by neither MS nor hardware vendors!




Fully Vista Compliant motherboards (all drivers installed and working)


  • KG7 (32 bit) : Everything works fine.


  • A8N-SLI - the plain-jane version (non-Deluxe, non-Premium) (64-bit). Everything works fine including a RAID0 set up using NVRAID.
  • A8N-SLI Premium (32 bit and 64 bit) - Everything works fine.
  • A8N-VM CSM (32 bit and 64 bit)
  • A8N5X (32 bit) Everything except audio.
  • A7N8X-Deluxe (32 bit) - Everything works fine, Nvidia Ethernet and Nvidia Audio chipset so (but not 3Com Ethernet).
  • A7N8X-X (32 bit)- Everything works fine, Nvidia Ethernet and Nvidia Audio chipset so.
  • A7S8X-MX (32 bit)
  • A7V880 - Everything except the onboard audio (the VIA Envy24 drivers won't install).
  • K8N-E Deluxe (32 bit)
  • K8V-X for AMD Athlon 64,Sucket 754,With 2x SATA and 2x IDE (32 bit and 64 bit) "No need raid drivers""No need raid card drivers"
  • M2N32-SLI - Works, but it locks up after a while. Constant freezes. Works ok in Windows XP x64 Professional. (This test was done with latest drivers and firmware)
  • P4P800 Deluxe (32 bit)
  • P5WD2 Premium (32 bit)
  • P5LD2 SE (32 bit) Everything except SoundMax equalizer.


  • K7VT-6 - works fine - no driver disk needed to load the Sata controller driver, it seems to be included in vista.

ECS (Elitegroup)

  • N2U400-A nForce2 (32 bit)


  • GA-8VM800PMD-775-RH (Pentium D 820): 64bit would not load from DVD into GUI, 32bit was doable. Reduced Vista experience (P8M800 does not have full DX9 hardware support). Took 4 tries to install. Kept crashing at 'Expanding Files: 68%'. Had to use an HD to install XP (on PATA), then clean install Vista to 2nd HD (on SATA, without extra drivers). All devices were installed out-of-the-box (from Vista DVD) except integrated video, but it had a driver on Windows Update. SATA works if configured as IDE in BIOS (have not tried RAID yet). On board audio (V8237R / AC'97 codec) works. On-board LAN works OOB.


  • T.B.D.


  • K8N Diamond Plus (sound and mass storage controllers need to be installed after setup, the latest from soundblaster work)
  • RS480M2-IL (everything works well with Vista drivers)
  • MSI K8N SLI-FI (7185) Works well no problems found
  • MSI 865PE Neo2-P (6728) Everything work well
  • MSI K7N2GM-V - worked out of the box with clean install- upgrade from XP-Pro hosed IIS. Had to tweak some offload settings for ethernet and removed IPV6 to keep connection alive over extended LAN file transfers. IGP does not support Aero Glass. Audio driver downloaded from Windows Update after the LAN stayed connected long enough.


  • T.B.D.



    • GeForce FX 5200 (128MB) (Aero Glass Enabled Automatically) also ForceWare 96.85 and later (32 bit)
    • GeForce FX 5200 (256MB) - PNY brand. Aero Glass enabled. ForceWare 96.85 drivers had no affect on Windows Experience score compared to OOB/MS Vista drivers.
    • GeForce 6600 GT (32-bit) - Works with RC2 standard drivers
    • GeForce 6600 LE (32-bit) - Works with RC2 standard drivers and 96.85 drivers
    • 6800XT - 256MB - 32bit - Works with RC2 standard drivers and 96.85 drivers
    • XFX GeForce 6800xt - 256MB - 32bit - used native windows Nvidia drivers
    • eVGA GeForce 7600GT CO - 256MB (32 and 64-bit) - Works with RC2 standard drivers and 96.85 drivers
    • GeForce 7900GT - 512MB (32 & 64-bits) - Works with RC2 standard drivers and 9X.XX drivers Index(Graphics : 5,9 - Gaming : 5,8)
  • ATI:
    • Radeon 9550 256MB (32-bit) - Works with standards RC2 Drivers
    • Radeon 9600 SE (32-bits) - Works with Ati Drivers but some functions doesn't work
    • Radeon 9600XT - Works with ATI beta Vista drivers.
    • Radeon Mobility 9600 128MB (32 bit) - Works with standard RC2 drivers
    • Radeon 9700 Pro 128MB (32 bit) - Works with standard VISTA RC2 drivers and Ati beta drivers (Vista).
    • Radeon 9800 Pro 128 MB (Aero Glass enabled Automatically)
    • Radeon 9800Pro (32bit) - Works with standard Vista Driver (ATI driver not tried)
    • Radeon X800 Pro (32 bit) - Works with standard Vista and ATI RC1 drivers
    • Radeon X800 XT Platinum Edition (32 bit) - Works with standard Vista and ATI RC1 drivers
    • Radeon X850 XT (32 bit) - Works with standard Vista and ATI RC1 drivers


    • GeForce 6600 GT (32-bit) - Works with RC2 standard drivers. CCC gives an error at the end of installation but after a reboot all seems fine.
    • GeForce Go 7600 (32-bit) - Works with RC2 standard drivers
    • GeForce 7600gt 256Mb (32-bit) - Works with RC2 and latest drivers.
    • GeForce 7800GTX 256MB (64-bit) - Works fine with the latest drivers on NVIDIA's Web site (version 96.85) except for SLI
    • GeForce 7800 GT (32-bit) works both with RC2 drivers and latest Nvidia drivers, not the software though
  • ATI
    • Radeon Mobility X1400 (32 bit) - Both standard Vista drivers and ATI RC1 drivers work fine with this Mobility card
    • Radeon X1800 XT (32 bit & 64 bit) - Works with standard Vista RC2 drivers and ATI RC1 & RC2 drivers (Vista)
    • Connect 3D X1900XT 256mb (32bit) - Card works fine with RC1 vista drivers form ATI site.
    • Sapphire X1900XTX 512mb (32-bit) - Working with standard Vista RC2 drivers and ATI RC1 & RC2 drivers.
    • Mobile 915GM / GMS, 910GML Express Chipset Family (32 bit): RC2 drivers, but not aero glass.


  • T.B.D.

Experience Rating

PCI-EXPRESS: As of Date 08 March 2007 Bare in mind, rating only goes to 5.9 at this moment in time and is regardless of version of Vista.

Gaming - Aero - Chip

 1.0  -  1.9  ** Intel GMA 900 on-board 64 MB DDR(32-bit)
 2.2  -  2.0  ** Intel GMA 950 on-board 128 MB DDR(32-bit)
 2.2  -  2.8  ** GeForce 6100 on-board 256 MB DDR(32-bit) 
 3.1  -  3.2  ** GeForce 6500 256 MB DDR(32-bit)
 3.2  -  3.2  ** GeForce 7300 LE 128 MB DDR(32-bit)
 5.6  -  5.9  ** GeForce 7600gt 256Mb DDR3 (32-bit)
 5.9  -  5.9  ** GeForce 7800 GT 256Mb DDR3(32-bit)
 5.9  -  5.9  ** GeForce 7900 GT 256Mb DDR3(32-bit)


Gaming - Aero - Chip

 2.1  -  2.4  ** GeForce 6200 128 MB DDR(32-bit) 
 3.5  -  3.7  ** ATi 9600 AIW 128 MB DDR (32bit)


  • Silicon Image SiI 3512 SATALink Controller (32 bit) (FMI - CompUSA Brand with drivers from installation CD)
  • Silicon Image SiI 3114 SATARaid Controller (32 bit)


  • Logicool QuickCam Fusion



download driver for all logitech webcams from logitech (v10) find install folder and locate drivers directory look for inf files in for your modell

microsoft webcam vx6000 driver download from microsoft after registry hack for drivers

do not install applications as they are buggy skype or msn work without any problems (latest version


  • Logitech QuickCam Messenger
  • Logitech G15 Keyboard. Panel works in x64, not in x86.
  • Medion OEM Wireless Mouse and Keyboard (USB)
  • Microsoft Natural Keyboard. My Documents, My Pictures and My Music keys don't work. Messenger key doesn't work.
  • Logitech Media Elite Keyboard. Installs automatically.
  • Samsung SDM4510P Ergonomic Keyboard. All functional keys work (mute on/off, volume up/down, CD eject, sonng play/pause, song stop, previous song, next song). You don't have to install its drivers-programs.


  • ADI AD1888 SoundMax® 6-channel (Onboard) (32 bit)
  • Creative Labs Sound Blaster PCI (128) - works with creative drivers (32 bit).
  • Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS (32-bit and 64-bit) - Use the latest beta drivers (dated October 11, 2006) from the Creative Labs Web site
  • Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy 2 NX (external USB) - works with windows standard drivers
  • Creative Labs Sound Blaster X-Fi (32-bit) - Use the latest beta drivers from the Creative Labs Web site
  • Genius Aduio Multi-Channel PCI Sound Card 5.1 (installed with update) "great shot"
  • NVIDIA nForce MCP Audio (nForce2 Integrated Audio) (32 Bit)
  • Realtek ALC650 : work fine with Vista drivers (32 bit).
  • Realtek ALC850 : work fine with Vista drivers (32 & 64 bit).


  • ATI Theater 550 Pro. Works in both x64 and x86 with Media Center.
  • AverMedia DVB-T USB 2.0 (A800) Works in x86 with Media Center but with high CPU usage (+70% compared to XP) - uses RC2 built-in drivers
  • Black Gold PCI and soon to be PCI Express Series
  • Hauppauge PVR 250. Works in x86 with Media Center - uses RC2 built-in drivers
  • Leadtek WinFast TV2000 XP Expert. Works in x86 with WinFast PVR
  • ATI TV WONDER 200. Works with Catalyst Media Center...
  • Pinnacle PCTV pro - driver working, however Media Center can not detect a TV tuner


  • 5.25" FireWire & USB 2.0 Aluminum External Enclosure FMI - CompUSA Brand with Seagate Barracuda ST-3200822A 200GB Drive. USB interface connected. (32 bit)
  • Synology DS101g+


  • T.B.D.


  • Verizon wireless PC 5740 PCMCIA card (32 bit) let vista install drivers before installing VZ Access manager
  • Sprint PCS / Merlin S620 PCMCIA card recognized during install, drivers downloaded from WU after reboot. Sprint Connection Manager software (the original installation disk)does not work with Vista.

However, using Windows XP, Copy Sprint PCS Connection Manager folder contents. ( C: Program Files> Novatel Wireless> Sprint> Sprint PCS Connection Manager.) Open this folder, click edit, select all, copy. then paste into empty Sprint PCS folder located in Vista. (I have both systems, but on different drives) If you do not have dual operating systems, the paste folder contents from C; drive to a flash card or simular device for transfer to Vista folder. Note that my Sprint PCS folder is updated (ver. 3.08.013)and it's size is 41.0 MB


  • Mercury AUS18CX USB ADSL External Modem


  • T.B.D.
  • Logitech G7 wireless mouse - also Logitech application SetPoint for mouse works
  • LG GSA-2166D (external DL DVD Writer)
  • Motorola Q (32-bit) Install Windows Mobile Device Center first.
  • Nokia PC Suite USB telephone drivers


Wired Connection :

  • Broadcom NexTreme Gigabit Ethernet (32 bit) : RC2 drivers.
  • Netgear GA311 Gigabit Adaptor (32 bit) (Is initially detected as a Realtek card after Vista setup, XP drivers on the Netgear CD work fine.)
  • Nvidia nForce Networking Controller (nForce2 onboard) (32 Bit): Vista RC2 Drivers.
  • Nvidia nForce Networking Controller (nForce3 onboard) (32 Bit)
  • Nvidia nForce Networking Controller (nForce4 onboard) (32 Bit & 64 bit): Vista RC2 Drivers.
  • Marvell Networking Controller
  • Realtek® RTL 8201CL (32 bit) - detected as SiS 900 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter
  • Realtek RTL 8169/8110 PCI Gigabit Ethernet (BELKIN card): Vista RC2 Drivers (32 & 64 bit).
  • VIA 8237R+ / Integrated Realtek RTL8100C- detected as Realtek 8139/810x.

Wirless Connection :

  • Belkin 802.11g Wireless Desktop Network Card (F5D7000 v3) XP Driver (32 bit)
  • Intel Pro / Wireless 2915ABG (32 bit) : RC2 drivers.
  • Netgear WG121 802.11g USB 2.0 Wireless Network Adaptor (Drivers from Netgear CD work fine.)
  • Netgear WG311T Wireless 802.11g turbo (108 Mb) : Vista RC2 Drivers
  • Netgear WG111T Wireless 802.11g turbo (108 Mb) : Vista RC2 Drivers : (Windows XP v1.3 Driver works fine.)


Printer :

  • Brother HL-1440 (64-bit) - worked straight out of the box with the drivers that came with RC2. No other set up required.
  • Canon BJC-250 - Works with XP drivers
  • Canon S520 (32-bit) - works with RC2 drives. No other set up required
  • Canon ip4000 (64bit)
  • Canon ip3000 (64bit)
  • Canon 950i - Works with Vista Driver
  • Epson Stylus Photo 960 (32 bit) printer driver only, status monitor would not install, printer works great.
  • HP LaserJet 6MP (32-bit) - Works with built-in drivers.
  • HP LaserJet 1200 Series
  • HP Deskjet 450 (32-bit) works with built in drivers
  • HP Deskjet 5150 (32-bit) works with XP drivers
  • HP Deskjet 930c (32-bit) works with Vista drivers on a wireless network.
  • HP Deskjet 940c (32-bit) works with Vista drivers.

Scanner :

  • HP Scanjet 7400C - with Vuescan drivers. (Almost all scanners work with this driver)
  • Nikon Coolscan IV ED - 32bit - drivers installed via NikonScan 4.0 Software using Windows XP SP1 Compatibility mode.

All-In-One :

  • Canon ImageCLASS MP-730 (32-bit) - Works with XP Driver
  • HP Officejet 5510 (32-bt) works with Vista RC2 driver. No other setup required.
  • HP OfficeJet 6110 All-In-One (64-bit) - Included drivers work. No setup required.
  • HP OfficeJet 6110 All-In-One (32-bit) - XP drivers downloaded from HP work.
  • HP PSC 1410 All-in-One - Printer - Scanner - Copier (32-bit) - Works with built-in drivers. All functions work.
  • Panasonic DP-180 (32-bit) works with XP drivers

Driver Downloads

  • T.B.D.



  • Ferrari 4006WLMi Full compatibility.


  • Area-51 5550 Full compatibility.
  • Area-51 5750 Full compatibility.
  • Aurora 9700 Full compatibility.
  • Aurora ALX Full compatibility.



Dell D600 Works out of the Box Rating 1.0 driver for wireless downloads on network update otherwise driver for ATi Video Card needs installing no aero interface



  • ZT3020us Works with a lot of playing. You need to install vista with system on an external monitor and then force the windows xp drives for video card, card reader. Dont let vista update video drivers because it see the the video card as an ATI 9000 instead of 9200. S-video port doesn't appear to work haven't looked in to it because i don't need it. This is the consumer verison of HP NX7010 so this should works the same way. The rest of the ZT3xxx series may also work the the same way. I have a 1gb of ram i think i need more. Readyboost doesn't work usb isn't fast enough.


  • X41 (PM 1,6 Ghz, RAM 512 Mo ): Vista RC2 drivers. OK but no aero glass (Mobile 915GM / GMS, 910GML Express Chipset Family)...



  • Satellite models:
    • A105-S101. All devices detected and drivers installed either OOB or from Windows Update. Full Aero Experience. Toshiba does not market this one as Vista capable but it is usable- not noticibly slower than XP was.


  • CardBus R/RL/5C476(II) : RC2 drivers (32 bit)


Graphic Cards

  • PCI :
    • S3 : work with Standard VGA driver (Vista) - Media Center work (music, video, photo) :-)

but not TV (mini 64 Mo memory to video card)

  • AGP :
    • ATI All-IN-WONDER 9800SE (Hercules) : only graphic card is ok, not tuner (TV) : Standard RC2 drivers and ATI beta Driver (RC2)
    • ATI All-IN-WONDER 9600 : only graphic card is ok, tuner driver works, but Media Centre doesn't detect hardware (TV) : with Ati drivers ( Vista only detects the graphics chip)


  • T.B.D.

Network Cards

  • T.B.D.

Sound Cards

  • Creative Extigy (external, USB2) : Vista RC2 Driver - only front speakers (Creative have not planned drivers development to Extigy).

Listing here :

Audio Devices: NOT SOUND CARDS

  • T.B.D.

Printer / Scanner

  • T.B.D.


  • Lucent Technologies Soft Modem AMR - errorneusly identified as Microcom SMS56 modem, causing misproper Vista driver installation (not funtional). Solution: Replace by original Lucent drivers, OK.
  • Intel 537EP (32 bit) - Will install and function correctly, however will get Blue Screen of Death upon every shutdown with incompatibility of IntelC52.sys.


Graphics Cards

  • AGP
    • X1600 Pro AGP (512 MB) has problem completing the installation


  • T.B.D.

Printer / Scanner


  • Canon LBP 460
  • HP Photosmart 7350 - Waits forever once plugged in - Won't finish install
  • HP DESKJET 940c- Drivers will not install or recognize printer on USB port


  • Mustek 1200 UB - No drivers available
  • Genius SF-600 - No drivers available. Genius confirmed they will not be making a Vista driver for this scanner.


  • T.P.D.

Network Cards

Sierra Wireless 860/850/555 - Working in RC1 with beta driver from Sierra Wireless, but no longer working in RC2.

Sound Cards

  • Creative SoundBlaster Live! Value, software won't install on vista, and the driver is compiled inside the setup.exe. Vista installs a standard driver, which works on the front output-signal, but if you got a second pair of speakers in the back connected to the second output-signal on the soundcard they won't play.
  • M-Audio doesn't supply Vista drivers for the Revolution series.
  • M-Audio Delta Series also don't work. Vista don't have a working driver, with the xp-based m-audio driver the system sounds work, but if you try to play an audio file, for example in win media player, vista crashes hardly and bluescreen appears.
  • Aureal Vortex and Vortex 2 haven't been supported since ME, so all Turtle Beach Montego cards are out of luck.

TV Cards

  • TV@nywhere Master (MS-8606) (installed with XP drivers and correctly detected in device manager but not detected as a TV Tuner in WMC; also no Radio)
  • TerraTec Cinergy 600 TV, doesn't work in Media Center and the software fails with a driver error.

Imaging Devices

  • T.B.D.

Other Devices

  • T.B.D.


If your hardware isn't automatically detected and installed by Vista, the first option is to find Vista-built drivers, which are in short supply.

The next method is to use compatability mode to run the driver installation program in "Windows XP" mode. If that fails/does not install ...

Extract or browse to the folder with the .inf files (driver files) for the device, select every .inf file, and right click Install them. After the process has finished, use Device Manager to install by navigating to the .inf files' location and going through them until you find one that is detected. If none work, then tough luck. You'll just have to wait until the manufacturer updates the drivers.

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