GeForce 7800 GTX

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NVIDIA's current high-end video card, named "G70". It has 256MB of Video RAM, 1.2GHz effective clockspeed on DDR3 Modules, and 475MHz coreclock, 24 shader pipelines, 8 vertex pipelines and 110 nanometre processortechnology .

Insert from the press release:

"Some senior editors are referring to this chip as NV47 as it's nothing more than the NV47 was supposed to be, an NV40 with more pipelines and two more vertex shaders.

The peak fill rate of the card is 6.88 Billion/second (16 ROPs at 430 MHz). Bilinear-filtered texel fill rate is 10.32 billion/second when all 24 pipelines work at the full 430MHz."

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